Water charges approved

Media release issued Friday 17 June 2011

Barwon Water's Board yesterday approved water and sewerage charges for Barwon Water customers for 2011/12 in line with the Essential Services Commission's 2008 pricing determination.

Charges across residential and non-residential sectors will rise 10.57 per cent, including CPI of 3.33 per cent, from July 1.

The ESC set Barwon Water prices for five years in June, 2008, when it signed off the corporation's 2008-2013 Water Plan. Commission ratification is still needed each financial year for prices that are adjusted annually to reflect CPI.

The new charges for residential customers are:

  • Water volume: $1.9817 per kilolitre (1000 litres)
  • Water service: $37.65 per quarter (three months)
  • Sewerage service: $124.89 per quarter.

For a residential customer using 165 kilolitres of water a year, this translates into an increase in an individual's account of $1.80 a week, or $93 a year. Bills will vary depending on usage.

The new charges for business customers are:

  • Water volume: $1.9817 per kilolitre
  • Water service: $37.65 per quarter 
  • Sewerage volume: $1.6933 per kilolitre
  • Sewerage service: $75.66 per quarter.

Water Minister Peter Walsh has until June 30 to comment on the charges, with customers scheduled to begin receiving bills for the new charges from next month.

Barwon Water Chairman Roger Lowrey said tariff revenue would help fund major capital works designed to ensure supply security and maintain quality services.

"Barwon Water is investing in new water, sewerage and recycled water infrastructure to meet current demand, future growth and challenges such as climate variability," Mr Lowrey said.

"This unprecedented capital investment will ensure we have safe, reliable water supplies to accommodate growth and development in the booming Barwon region."

Major supply augmentation projects include the Northern Water Plant and Black Rock recycled water plant.
Mr Lowrey said Barwon Water would spend a record $163 million this financial year (2010/2011) and an expected $201 million over the next 12 months.

Full details of the ESC-approved charges will be advertised in the regional media.

Barwon Water's website www.barwonwater.vic.gov.au provides an overview of the current capital works program.