Water restrictions lifted in Apollo Bay

Media release issued Wednesday 20 April 2011


Stage 2 water restrictions will be removed in Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo on Sunday, May 1, 2011. The townships will revert to the Permanent Water Saving Plan, which outlines sensible rules to prevent water wastage.

The rules are:

  1. A hand-held hose must be fitted with a trigger nozzle and can be used to water gardens and lawns or wash vehicles at any time.
  2. Manual watering systems, turned on by hand, can be used between 8pm and 10am.
  3. Water systems set to run automatically can be used between 10pm and 10am
  4. Hosing down driveways, paths, timber decking, concrete or other paved areas is not permitted except in cases of emergency.
  5. Owners must seek approval from Barwon Water to fill new pools and spas with a capacity of 2,000 litres or more.

Barwon Water Chairman Roger Lowrey said the change would be a familiar routine for the townships' residents.

"Restrictions have been necessary along this coastal enclave for a number of summers because of the limited capacity of the Marengo basin, which supplies the three townships, and the influx of thousands of holidaymakers.

"However, staged restrictions will become a thing of the past when the supply is boosted by a new 250-million litre storage that will complement the existing 125-million litre basin," Mr Lowrey said.

He said plans for the new storage were progressing following the Apollo Bay Golf Club's decision to sell the preferred site.

Geotechnical studies had been carried out and functional design was expected to be completed in August.

"Detailed design should be finalised by April next year and construction is scheduled for summer 2012/13," Mr Lowrey said.

"The new storage will be a boon for the local community and allow Barwon Water to meet further growth and development."

For information on Permanent Water Saving Measures, visit www.barwonwater.vic.gov.au, or telephone 1300 656 007.

The Marengo storage is currently 80 per cent full.