Corporate Plan and Strategic Intent

Barwon Water’s corporate plan is a rolling five-year blueprint for our future.

The plan sets our objectives and key performance indicators, details our business structure, and addresses our corporate governance requirements.

The corporate plan incorporates our strategic intent. The plan is reviewed and updated annually.


Corporate Plan 2014/2015 to 2018/2018

The 2014/2015 to 2018/2018 Corporate Plan focuses on the efficient delivery of services. Notably, it addresses our obligations under the Melbourne’s Water Future policy and the Victorian Government’s Fairer Water Bills initiative.

Highlights of the current plan include:

  • Customer prices down 1.6% per year, excluding inflation
  • $320 of savings passed on to households under the Fairer Water Bills initiative
  • $338 in capital investment over five years. This is considerably lower than the previous corporate planning period but still higher than the pre-drought average.



Strategic Intent 2014

The corporate plan includes our strategic intent – a snapshot of our vision, mission and values statements, and the pillars that underpin our business, customers and staff.

Vision: Community minded, performance driven, future focussed.

Mission: To provide water and sewerage services through efficiency, innovation and leadership.

Values: Respect, high performance, innovation, relationships and leadership



Deliver efficient and reliable services that are valued by customers

  • Deliver efficient and reliable services
  • Transform the customer interface
  • Align services with customer values



Secure the future water needs of the community in a changing world

  • Deliver water, recycled water and sewerage investments
  • Lead strategic planning and thinking
  • Apply innovation and smart technology
  • Foster whole-of-water cycle management
  • Engage the community



Drive productivity and efficiently deliver services

  • Promote a culture of high quality, no harm
  • Evaluate risks and opportunities
  • Empower employees to high performance
  • Enhance organisational resilience



Optimise financial performance to ensure an economically efficient business

  • Apply prudent debt and treasury management
  • Explore commercial partnerships and services
  • Drive effective financial performance