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Barwon Water is an environmental business. Our core activities to provide water, sewerage and recycled water services are linked to the natural environment.

A small section of the Gellibrand River in the Otway Ranges National Park. The Gellibrand River is an important water source for Colac residents. 

Barwon Water is an environmental business — our core activities are linked to the natural environment.

Our region is home to some of Australia’s most iconic natural environments and flora and fauna species. It includes the coastal environment of the Great Ocean Road, temperate rainforests of the Otway Ranges, native grasslands of the Victorian Volcanic Plains, grassy woodlands of the Brisbane Ranges and the internationally recognised Ramsar Wetlands of the lower Barwon River.

We aim to provide quality water and sewerage services in an environmentally responsible manner.



Catchments and waterways

Water supply has a significant impact on waterway environments, as well as groundwater-dependent ecosystems linked to underground aquifers.

We aim to minimise the impact of our water supply, and to protect and enhance our catchments.



Land and biodiversity

Many of our water supply and sewerage sites are rich in biodiversity.

When we plan and construct new infrastructure and manage our land, we aim to protect, enhance and restore land and biodiversity values.



Climate change

Our climate is changing due to significant increases in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from human activities. Without action, these changes will have significant consequences for the planet, including our region.  

As a significant provider of essential water services to our community, Barwon Water is leading regional action on tackling both the cause and the impacts of climate change by:

  • Switching to 100% renewable electricity by 2025 and zero net emissions by 2030.
  • Managing the impact of future climate changes on the services we provide (that may occur despite mitigation efforts)

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Materials and procurement

In order to provide water, sewerage and recycled water services to customers, Barwon Water procures a wide range of goods and services.

We embed environmental considerations into all processes for procurement and use of goods and services.




As a provider of sewerage services to the region, Barwon Water is in the business of waste management.

In addition to receiving waste through our sewerage services, our operations produce a range of waste products.

We manage these wastes in accordance with EPA requirements and industry practice.