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Holiday season trading hours 2017-2018

Please note, our call centre and customer service will close for the festive season break at 1 pm on Friday 22 December 2017.

We’re resuming normal trading hours from Tuesday 2 January 2018.

For water or sewer-related emergencies and faults, we are available on 1300 656 007, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year ’round.

We wish our customers and community a safe and happy festive season.

  • Friday 22 December 2017
Closed from 1 pm
  • Monday 25 December 2017
    (Christmas Day) 
  • Tuesday 26 December 2017
    (Boxing Day) 
  • Wednesday 27 December 2017
  • Thursday 28 December 2017
  • Friday 29 December 2017
  • Monday 1 January 2018
    (New Year’s Day) 
  • Tuesday 2 January 2018
Open, normal trading hours resumed

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Showcase of sustainable living

Salt Torquay is set to be of Australia’s most sustainable housing estates, and the region’s first 7.5-star residential development.

Built on the former water basin site on Grossmans Road, the ground-breaking urban development will feature a showcase of innovate, sustainable eco-features including solar cells, battery storage, electric car charging points and smart water meters using internet-of-things technology.

Salt Torquay is set to be a showcase of sustainable living.

We’re designing the estate with a light environmental footprint, lowering running costs while delivering a higher standard of living. Integrated water cycle management principles have been incorporated with stormwater swales, a raingarden, integrated landscaping and a nature playground. We’re also building a 250-kilowatt solar array on adjacent land.

The estate sees us walk the talk in terms of living our goals of zero emissions, zero waste and delivering customer and community value.

  Salt Torquay

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Supporting schools to stop leaks

We’re throwing our support behind local schools that sign up to the award-winning Victorian Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP).

SWEP provides water meter data-loggers and an online monitoring dashboard, enabling schools to track their water usage and detect leaks.

With the Victorian Government funding the first year of the three-year program, we’re now covering the costs of years 2 and 3.

Water leaks are common in schools, resulting in high water losses and high water bills. Early detection is vital to saving water and money.

35 schools our region are already signed up to SWEP. Since 2012, they have saved and 457 million litres of water and $1.23 million.

SWEP supports Barwon Waters vision for leading regional prosperity, promoting sustainable water use and zero waste in our community.  

  Schools Water Efficiency Program

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Estuary perch at Painkalac Reservoir

We’ve joined forces with the Victorian Fisheries Authority to stock the re-opened reservoir with 7,000 native and endemic estuary perch (Macquaria colonorum).

While the fingerlings are just a few centimetres long, they will soon be a drawcard for recreational anglers, eventually growing to up to 75 cm and 10 kg. 

Painkalac Reservoir, located north of Moggs Creek, once supplied water to the nearby townships of Aireys Inlet and Fairhaven. When these towns were connected to the diverse and secure greater Geelong water supply network last year, the picturesque reservoir was opened to the public for walking, riding, bushwalking, bird watching, picknicking and — of course  recreational fishing.

The fish stocking aligns with our vision of creating recreational and wellbeing opportunities for community benefit.

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Introducing Barwon Asset Solutions

We’re proud to announce the establishment of Barwon Asset Solutions – a 100% locally-based maintenance services company, and wholly-owned subsidiary of Barwon Water.

Barwon Asset Solutions replaces our previous partnership with Perth-based company Programmed Facilities Management. We’re extremely pleased that all Programmed employees transitioned to Barwon Asset Solutions, ensuring local skills, knowledge and experience are retained in our region.

For you, it’s business as usual. We’re capitalising on local expertise, modern technologies, and a proactive approach to solving issues and providing exceptional customer service. While certain operational and maintenance services will now be undertaken by Barwon Asset Solutions, customers will still contact Barwon Water. As always, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For us, this exciting new direction represents our vision of enabling regional prosperity and is an investment in our region’s future. From next year, we intend to expand the business and seek further opportunities. Barwon Asset Solutions will enhance productivity, create jobs and opportunities for the region and help maintain affordable pricing.

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Don't let a drop become an ocean

We want to help our customers find and fix leaks, saving water and money.

It’s all a part of Leak Week which runs from 25 November to 1 December 2017.

Our customer programs have revealed residential leaks are wasting millions of litres of water in the Geelong region. A single tap leaking one drip per second wastes more than 12,000 litres of water a year!

Australia-wide studies show leaks can cause water losses as high as 27% at residential properties and 15% on farms.

Leak Week is an initiative of the Victorian Government through its award-winning Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP).

Barwon Water’s Leak Week campaign supports its Strategy 2030 commitment to sustainable water use and zero waste.


Tips to spot leaks

Inside. Look for mould, mildew, peeling paint or rotting wood. This could indicate an underground or hidden pipe leak.  Dark, swollen and spongy plasterboard or laminated board could be a sign of a water leak in a kitchen or bathroom basin.

Outside. Look for corroded pipes, increased grass growth around piping and wet patches on the ground.

Use your meter. Record the reading on your water meter. Wait at least 30 minutes (longer if you can, or even overnight), ensuring you’re not running any taps or using appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine or toilets. If the numbers on the meters have changed, you might have a leak.

Leak hot spot: toilets.  Toilets are a common sources of plumbing leaks. Put a few drops of food colouring in the cistern, wait for a few minutes, and watch for any change in the toilet bowl water.  If the colour appears in the toilet bowl it’s a sign of a leaky cistern.

For more Leak Week hints and tips, follow us on Facebook.

 Barwon Water

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Investing in the Moorabool

Barwon Water is proud to partner with the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and the local community to restore the health of the Moorabool River.

The Living Moorabool is the first of 10 flagship waterways projects across the state, and comes with a $520,000 funding commitment from Barwon Water over the next four years.

We’re focussing on promoting the shared benefits of a healthier river including swimming holes, fishing spots, and improved recreational facilities.  We’re also working hand-in-hand with Traditional Owners to ensure Aboriginal values are preserved, and with the community through an innovative ‘citizen science’ project.

Greater Geeelong’s drinking water is partly supplied from reservoirs on the Moorabool River, which is home to some of the most endangered plant species in Australia and wildlife such as birds, fish and platypus.

The Living Moorabool project is part of the state government’s Water for Victoria plan which supports the environmental, cultural and recreational benefits that regional waterways provide to communities. It’s also a key partnership identified in Barwon Water’s Strategy 2030 and an outstanding example of how we’re working together to facilitate regional prosperity.   

  Discover the Living Moorabool website  

  Victorian Government media release: Investment to improve the health of the Moorabool River 

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Solar array underway

We’re making the switch to renewable energy by 2025, with a 1 megawatt solar array being built at the Black Rock water reclamation plant, and an another 2 megawatt array approved.

The $3.4 million Black Rock Solar Project will see more than 2,800 panels generating about 1.3 gigawatt hours a year — around 13% of the treatment plant’s energy requirements. The project is expected to cut our annual emissions by about 1,500 tonnes and save $185,000 per year, putting downward pressure on customer prices.

Stage 2 of the solar project was recently approved, which will deliver a further 2 gigawatt hours a year by 2020. And we’ve fast-tracked smaller solar systems at five operational sites to produce an extra 500 kilowatts of renewable energy.

The solar farm is a flagship project for Barwon Water’s Strategy 2030, which includes a target of 100% renewable energy by 2025 and zero net emissions by 2030. And through our extensive engagement for the 2018 Price Submission, our customers and community told us they support our efforts to reduce emissions and switch to renewables.

Stage 1 of the solar array is on track for completion early next year.

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Investing in Lorne's water supply for decades to come

Construction works on Lorne’s Allen Reservoir over the next six months will increase the reservoir’s flood level capacity and strengthen the dam wall.

Allen Reservoir, Lorne.

The project involves increasing the flood capacity of the concrete spillway and upgrading the reservoir embankment to better align with current engineering standards. These improvements will ensure the reservoir can cope in extreme weather conditions, particularly during flood flows.

Conducting the spillway and embankment elements of the project simultaneously means we can complete the important works as efficiently as possible and minimise disruption to the town.

Residents may notice increased construction vehicles and contracted construction workers in the area, particularly between now and Christmas. Truck routes will run along Otway Street and will operate Monday to Friday between 7 am and 6 pm.

The upgrade is key to securing Lorne’s water supply into the future and reduce the risk of infrastructure failures. A secure supply is vital to support the town’s liveability, jobs and tourism, and reinforces Barwon Water’s 2030 vision of becoming an enabler of regional prosperity.

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Leak detection trial saves Colac customers water and money

An innovative trial in Colac is helping residential customers track their water use and detect hidden leaks, saving water and money.

Numerous hidden and silent leaks have already been found by the technology that, if undetected, would have amounted to significant water losses and costs for customers.

In the first six months of the trial, 10% the homes involved were found to have leaks. If undetected, these losses would have exceeded 840,000 litres a year and would have amounted to roughly $1,900 in additional costs.

Barbara Basham was notified of a possible leak at her Colac home. She couldn’t find any obvios leaks, so contacted a plumber who found the culprit: a leaking pipe in an old external laundry. As the pipe was underneath a thin concrete floor, there were no visible signs of a leak, although it was losing  more than 2,300 litres a day!

The trial is an extension of the successful On-Farm Leak Detection program using Taggle technology that has saved local farmers an estimated 100 million litres of water over the past four years. It also supports Barwon Water’s 2030 Strategy commitments to sustainable water use and zero waste.

The residential trial will continue for a further 18 months. The specialised meters will provide valuable data for Barwon Water to assess whether this type of technology is an effective tool for early leak detection in a residential setting.


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