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Property connections

This page provides information on connecting to the Barwon Water’s water, recycled water and sewerage infrastructure. 

Intended audience

This page is aimed at anyone wanting to connect to our water, recycled water or sewerage networks or who are wanting to make modifications to existing connections.

Typically, this includes

  • plumbers
  • builders and project managers
  • surveyors
  • engineering contractors.


Not what you’re looking for?

If you are looking at subdividing or developing land, please go to the Land Development section.

  Land Development


What do I need to do?

The steps involved in connecting or making modifications to the water, recycled water and sewerage networks include:

Step 1: Get the right information
Step 2: Make an application
Step 3: Review the application
Step 4: Make payment 
Step 5: Notify Barwon Water to fit meters
Step 6: Submit a drainage plan
See also: technical information for plumbers



Step 1: Get the right information

Please note: the information in this section may have changed since you last accessed this webpage. Changes are effective from 5 March 2018.

Prior to making application your builder, plumber or project manager is responsible for ensuring they have all the right information including the location of existing assets. The guide, below, provides further information to help complete the application.

  Customer Guide: Application to connect


Conditions of connection

Barwon Water provides consent to connect assuming the applicant is authorised to act on behalf of the propery owner. The applicant must must provide the owner with a copy of the Conditions of Connection. 

Submitting an application for Consent to Connect does not guarantee consent has been granted (even if relevant fees have been paid).

All applications are subject to compliance with the Conditions of Connection. The conditions are binding on the current and future owners and occupiers of the property.

The Conditions of Connection are imposed under Section 145 of The Water Act.

  Conditions of Connection (PDF 189 KB)


Property plans: Property search tool

The property search tool is an application for registered plumbers, surveyors, builders and consulting engineers to search for and print property plans and check the status of connections and subdivision works.

Plumbers: search for and print property plans and drainage notes.

Surveyors: search for and print property plans, check the status of subdivision works.

Builders: search for and print property plans.

Engineering consultants: search for and print property plans, check the status of connections.

Launch property search tool


Planning to build near Barwon Water assets

Any construction within one metre of a Barwon Water asset (eg: pipeline) or in a Barwon Water easement is defined as a build over.

To build near our assets, you must first obtain build over consent.

Build Over Consent guidelines (PDF 1.4MB)
Build over a Barwon Water pipeline or easement application form (PDF 47 KB)


Pressure and flow request

If you need to check the pressure delivered to a property (e.g. for a fire service), complete the following request form.

Developers who require specific water requirements will also need to apply.

Fire service pressure and flow data request form (PDF 24 KB)


Connecting in an unserviced area

If you would like to connect in an area not currently serviced by Barwon Water, contact us to find out more about servicing options. We recommended you ask your plumber, builder or project manager to assess servicing options prior to applying.

You might be able to connect via a new private connection, or a private connection owned by another party. You would need to obtain consent from the other owners and enter into a supply by agreement.

Water supply by agreement application form (PDF 135 KB)



A submeter is a meter that is installed in a multi-unit development (eg: units, townhouses, apartment complexes, commercial buildings). A submeter allows multi-unit property owners to measure individual water use.

We recommended you have your plumber assess options prior to making an application.

You need to apply to Barwon Water to have submeters installed.

Application to fit meters (PDF 48 KB)


Alterations and repairs

Consent must be obtained from Barwon water prior to performing any below-ground work.

Alterations and repairs: customer guide (PDF 29 KB)



Step 2: Make an application

If you have been advised by your builder, plumber or project manager that assets are available, you can make an application to connect.

How to complete an online application to connect (PDF 224 KB)
External link SmartForm: Application for water and sewer connection
Owner’s authorisation to complete works (PDF 32 KB)


If you require multiple connections, check you have applied for Service Requirements and Costing and paid relevant fees.

External link SmartForm: Application for service requirements and costing and/or Developer Deed



Step 3: Review the application

Once an application has been submitted Barwon Water will review your application. We may contact you for further information.



Step 4: Make payment

Payment is usually made online as part of the application to connect.

Further costs may be charged if additional work is required (e.g. asset protection for a build over or a supply by agreement).



Step 5: Notify Barwon Water to fit meters

As part of the plumbing works at a property, your plumber will make provision for a water meter (and a recycled water meter, in dual pipe subdivisions).

Your plumber will then contact us to organise to fit meter(s).



Step 6: Submit a drainage plan

When work is complete, a drainage plan is to be submitted to us. A drainage plan shows the basic layout of a property and the location of sewerage pipes and the connection to the sewerage system.

Barwon Water is the custodian of all drainage plans in our region. If works are required in the future, these plans may be required.

New sewer / water connection point details (PDF 55 KB)
Example drainage plan and notes (PDF 681 KB)




Technical information for plumbers

In most cases, plumbers connect properties to our water, recycled water and sewerage networks.

The following documents provide technical information for plumbers. This need to ensure they meet plumbing industry requirements for connecting to the Barwon Water network.


Property connections and disconnections

Tapping requirements (PDF 414 KB)
Diagram of a typical domestic tapping (PDF 252 KB)
Metering requirements and sizing guide (PDF 3 MB)
Large meter installation requirements and sizing guide (PDF 1.7 MB)
Notice to fit water meters to newly constructed mains (PDF 113 KB)
Procedure for tappings on cracked asbestos pipes (PDF 215 KB)
Recycled water: conditions of connection (PDF 30 KB)
Pressure Sewer System - Important information for plumbers (PDF 395 KB)
Property connection decommissioning process flowchart (PDF 48 KB)


Recycled water

Class A Recycled water: information for plumbers


Works on or near Barwon Water assets

Works on or near Barwon Water assets: customer guide (PDF 59 KB)
Works on or near Barwon Water assets: application form (PDF 180 KB)


Fire services

Fire service pressure and flow data request form (PDF 24 KB)



Application / agreement for backflow prevention device installation (PDF 102 KB)
Backflow Prevention Containment Policy (PDF 91 KB)


Metered hydrants

Portable metered hydrant: application to hire (PDF 44 KB)
Portable metered hydrant: terms and conditions for hire and use (PDF 45 KB)