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Property connections

Our connections services team work with plumbers, surveyors, engineering consultants, builders and developers for new connections and modifications.

If you are connecting to, or building over Barwon Water pipework (e.g. an easement) this section contains useful applications, relevant forms and important information.


Property search tool

Plumbers: search for and print property plans.

Surveyors: search for and print property plans, check the status of subdivision works

Builders: search for and print property plans

Engineering consultants: search for and print property plans, check the status of connections


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Application forms

These forms are mainly for plumbers and contractors undertaking works to Barwon Water pipework. 

This page contains SmartForms

Some PDF forms previously published on this website have been replaced by interactive PDF "SmartForms", hosted by Business Victoria.

You can complete and submit SmartForms online. There is no need to visit a customer service centre.

Please contact us if you need help accessing or completing any of the forms on this site.

Application forms

External link SmartForm: Application for service requirements and costings  
External link SmartForm: Application for water and sewer connection  
Application / agreement for backflow prevention device installation PDF 41 KB
Build over a Barwon Water pipeline or easement application form PDF 47 KB
Water supply by agreement application form PDF 37 KB
Water By Agreement - tenant details PDF 205 KB
Notice to fit additional meters PDF 22 KB
Notice to fit water meters to newly constructed mains PDF 113 KB
Additional water meter for domestic units / apartments application form PDF 29 KB
Block Plan - sewer point PDF 63 KB
Fire service pressure and flow data request form PDF 24 KB
Contractor confined space entry application form PDF 22 KB
Portable metered hydrant - application to hire PDF 44 KB




Information about building over a Barwon Water pipeline or easement PDF 43 KB
Diagram of a typical domestic tapping PDF 252 KB
Example drainage plan and notes PDF 681 KB
Excavation requirements for water tappings PDF 191 KB
Recycled water: conditions of connection PDF 30 KB
Portable metered hydrant - terms and conditions for hire and use PDF 37 KB