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Land development

Barwon Water has a referral role to play in the planning permit phase of many new developments (including subdivisions) where water, sewerage and recycled water services are required.

Our land development team works with developers, engineering consultants, builders and property owners who are developing, re-developing or subdividing property across our service region.

New Developer Deeds and Accreditation Deeds apply from 16 March 2018

Please note: this information, including downloadable documents and forms may have changed since you last accessed this webpage.

Importantly, the new Land development guide and Land development servicing manual replace the old Land Development Manual (LDM).

  Accreditation Deeds: Frequently asked questions (PDF 39 KB)

  Developer Deeds: Frequently asked questions (PDF 35 KB)

  Developer Deeds stakeholder feedback report (PDF 49 KB)

Changes to New Customer Contributions charges apply from 19 June 2018

From 19 June 2018, new charges apply to the New Customer Contributions (NCC) framework, including different standardised charges for infill and greenfield developments. This change results in a significant reduction in the NCC charge for infill developments, and a smaller reduction for greenfield developments.

For infill developments all deeds/offers/costings accepted on or after 19 June will be invoiced at the 2018/2019 rate. Those accepted prior to 19 June will be invoiced at the 2017/18 rate.

For greenfield developments where the ‘Completion of Works’ submissions are received on or after 19 June will be invoiced at the 2018/2019 rate. Those received prior to the release of the new prices will be invoiced at the 2017/18 rate.


Development applications

To receive the cost and conditions specific to your development please submit an Application for servicing requirements and costing and/or Developer Deed. We will respond with the relevant Deed and/or conditions.

Projects are typically categorised as either private works (including simple private works) or developer works. 


Private works

Private works are the construction of private assets and sewer connection points.

The relevant document which covers the private works process is the Private Works Deed. 

The relevant documents which cover the simple private works process are the Contractor Accreditation Deed and Service requirements and costings.

  Terms and Conditions for private works (PDF 305 KB)


Developer works

Developer Works are the construction of reticulated or shared assets (reimbursement works).

The relevant document which covers the developer works process is the Developer Deed.

  Terms and Conditions for developer works (PDF 425 KB)


Accredited consultants and contractors

Barwon Water infrastructure must be designed by accredited consultants and built by accredited contractors.

If you are undertaking works which, in the future, will become Barwon Water assets (ie: developer works) you must use engineering consultants and contractors (plumbers, excavators, builders, civil engineers, etc.) accredited by us.

Internal link Accredited consultant list
Internal link Accredited contractor list

If you are a consulting engineer or contractor seeking accreditation with us, please complete and submit an application form along with relevant documentation.


Consultant accreditation application form (developer works) (PDF 169KB)


Contractor accreditation application form (developer works / private works) (PDF 173KB)

PDF Consultant Accreditation Deed: template (PDF 401 KB)
PDF Contractor Accreditation Deed: template (PDF 381 KB) 



What do I need to do?

The steps involved the development process are outlined below.

Steps 5 through 8 are only required where a Developer Works Deed applies.

Step 1: Gather all relevant information
Step 2: Make application
Step 3: Agree to service requirements and costings and/or relevant deed
Step 4: Make payment
Step 5: Engineering design 
Step 6: Construction
Step 7: Commissioning (as constructed package)
Step 8: Take over and warranty
Step 9: Connecting properties



Step 1: Gather all relevant information

Land development servicing requirements (formerly the Land Development Manual)

The Land development servicing requirements and Land development guide detail the requirements and steps for developers, engineering consultants, landowners, surveyors and councils when developing or redeveloping land.

Land development servicing requirements (PDF 875 KB)
Land development guide (PDF 1.3 MB)
Buildover consent guidelines (PDF 1.4 MB)


Servicing advice

Barwon Water provides preliminary advice to customers who are looking at designing, constructing and connecting water, sewerage and/or recycled water infrastructure to a subdivision, development and/or individual property. Contact us for advice.

Development costs are not provided with this advice, for an accurate reflection of costs please make an application for service requirements and costing and/or Developer Deed.


New customer contributions framework

A new customer contribution is a charge paid by developers to Barwon Water toward the cost of servicing growth in its region.

PDF New customer contributions framework 2018-2023  (PDF 2.7 MB)


Property search tool

The property search tool allows you to access information about your property. You just need to register and receive a username and password.

The following is the type of information you can access subject to who you are:

  • Plumbers: search for and print property plans and drainage notes
  • Surveyors: search for and print property plans, check the status of subdivision works
  • Builders: search for and print property plans
  • Engineering consultants: search for and print property plans, check the status of connections
  • Property Owners: search for and print property plans and drainage notes
Internal link Launch property search tool



There are WSAA and Barwon Water standards associated with our Land development serviving requirements.

Standards and other information



STEP 2: Make application

An application can be made to Barwon Water by completing the application for service requirements and costings. We will issue an account fro the aplication fee. This fee is not refundable.

External link SmartForm: Application for service requirements and costing and/or Developer Deed



STEP 3: Agreement 

We will respond with the service requirements and costings and/or a Developer Deed. The Developer must agree to the terms and conditions detailed in the response.

For a Developer Deed, two copies of the relevant deed must be signed and returned to us. We will sign and return one copy.

Once we have received the acceptance we will issue an account for payment. This must be paid before we will consent to a Statement of Compliance.



STEP 4: Make payment

Payment options will be advised on your account, including:

  • BPAY
  • cheque
  • Post Billpay.



STEP 5: Engineering design

Detailed design plans for all water, sewer and recycled water infrastructure (where applicable) must be submitted to Barwon Water. 

These design plans will need to be certified and submitted by a Barwon Water Accredited Consultant

This is a requirement especially when a development includes the construction of assets that will be vested to Barwon Water upon completion of works.

This requirement will be communicated to you in the service requirements and costings schedule of the deed. 

External link SmartForm: Accredited consultant's certification – detailed design
External link SmartForm: Resubmission of detailed design



STEP 6: Construction

No works or services shall commence before the developer has obtained all necessary planning, statutory and other permissions in respect of the works or services. Barwon Water must also have given its consent to the commencement of the works or services following feedback provided during the engineering design phase.

Once this has occurred, the developer can then commence construction through the submission of a notification of works form. The notification of works form must also be submitted prior to initiating other key tasks during the construction phase.

External link

SmartForm: Notification of works

  • Commencement of sewer/water/recycled water/major infrastructure
  • Commencement of testing
  • Commencement of maintenance period
  • Takeover of assets
PDF Request for water main shutdown or pressure tapping (PDF 134 KB)
PDF Works on or near Barwon Water assets application form (PDF 172 KB)
PDF Works on or near Barwon Water assets: customer guide (PDF 59 KB)
PDF Submission of pre-commissioning documentation for sewer pump stations (PDF 33 KB)
PDF Schedule of documents to submit for sewerage pumping stations (PDF 11 KB)

Contractors must to apply for consent to undertake work on or near Barwon Water assets (water/recycled water/sewer pipelines, pumping stations, etc). Consent is required for all work:

  • involving live assets
  • when working in close proximity to major infrastructure
  • when lifting a concrete access chamber cover (manhole lid).



STEP 7: Commissioning (as constructed package)

As soon as the developer or the accredited consultant considers the works or services to be completed, Barwon Water must be provided with a Completion of Works Package and any other information as reasonably requested by Barwon Water.

This package of information should include, where required, all test results, information, and data contained in or attached to the Completion of Works Package as detailed below.

External link SmartForm: Completion of works package 
PDF Application for waiver for MGA connection (PDF 17 KB)
PDF As constructed templates – drinking water (PDF 72 KB)
PDF As constructed templates – recycled water (PDF 74 KB)
PDF As constructed templates – sewerage (PDF 126 KB)
PDF Cadastral requirements plan (PDF 17 KB)
PDF Cadastral requirements table (PDF 35 KB)
PDF Air pressure testing of sewers (PDF 19 KB)
PDF Compaction of trenches (PDF 18 KB)
PDF Quality testing of sewer mains (PDF 18 KB)
PDF Testing of sewer maintenance holes (PDF 16 KB) 
PDF Hydrostatic test for water / sewer mains and swabbing of water mains (PDF 18 KB)
PDF Acceptance checklist for dual pipe thrust block construction (PDF 26 KB)
PDF Statistical data to accompany notice of practical completion for construction of reticulation works - water (PDF 13 KB)
PDF Statistical data to accompany notice of practical completion for construction of reticulation works - sewer (PDF 13 KB)
PDF Statistical data to accompany notice of practical completion for construction of reticulation works - recycled (PDF 16 KB)
As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) template (DWG 1.1MB)
PDF As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) submission requirements (PDF 357KB)
PDF Recycled water and drinking water audit checklist (PDF 63KB)
PDF Commissioning checklist: sewer pump stations (PDF 38KB)
PDF Pressure reducing valve checklist (PDF 96 KB)
PDF Construction tolerance checklist (PDF 264 KB)
PDF Test prior application form (PDF 83 KB)



STEP 8: Take over and warranty

The warranty period (previously defects liability and maintenance period) is the two year period once the water, sewerage and recycled water assets have been constructed, compliance have been granted (if applicable) and assets have been transferred to Barwon Water. It is the period during which the developer and consultant are responsible for all repairs, maintenance and replacement of the assets.

Refer to the Land development guide for the works warranty bond return.



STEP 9: Connecting properties

Before a property is connected to our existing water.sewer infrastructure, we must approve an application for conect to connect. 

Connection requiremets are outlines in teh Conditions of Connection. For further information, refer to the Property Connections page.

PDF Conditions of Connection (PDF 190 KB)
Internal link Property Connections



Other information

The following Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) and Barwon Water standards are associated with our land development process.

PDF Survey manual for land development (PDF 212 KB)
PDF Supplement to the WSAA Sewerage Code of Australia (2002) (PDF 1 MB)
PDF Supplement to the WSAA Sewerage Code of Australia (2014) (PDF 103 KB)
PDF Supplement to the WSAA Water Supply code of Australia (PDF 1.6 MB)
PDF Supplement to the WSAA Dual Water Supply Systems (PDF 590 KB)
PDF Supplement to the WSAA Sewage Pumping Station Code of Australia (PDF 459 KB)
PDF Requirements for water supply pump stations (PDF 56 KB)
PDF Installation guide for precast concrete access chambers (manholes) (PDF 267 KB)