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Land development

Our Development Services team works with developers, engineering consultants, builders and property owners who are developing, re-developing or subdividing property within our service region.

The team responds to all planning referrals, applications for servicing requirements, and letters of offer. The team also administers the Land Development Manual and associated policies.



Land Development Manual (LDM)

The Land Development Manual (LDM) is a detailed set of policies and procedures for developers, engineering consultants, landowners, surveyors and councils when developing or redeveloping land.

Please note: Our Land Development is currently under review. During 2017, we are updating a number of our processes, which will impact content in the manual.

The information on build over consent guidelines and warranty period, below, supercedes information in the manual.

The information on works on or near Barwon Water assets, below, supercedes references in the manual to construction and inspection and audit

PDF Land Development Manual (under review, last updated April 2017) PDF 3.1 MB
Internal link Land development forms  
PDF Build Over Consent guidelines PDF 1.4 MB
PDF Warranty period: customer guide PDF 35 KB
PDF Works on or near Barwon Water assets: customer guide PDF 59 KB 




Accredited consultants and contractors

Barwon Water infrastructure must be designed and built by accredited contractors.

If you are undertaking works which, in the future, will become Barwon Water assets (e.g. extending a water main) you must use engineering consultants and contractors (plumbers, excavators, builders, civil engineers, etc.) accredited by us.

These lists are presented in random order, to avoid any perceived preference to particular businesses.

Internal link Accredited consultant list  
Internal link Accredited contractor list  

If you are a consulting engineer or contractor seeking accreditation with us, please complete and sumbit an application form along with relevant documentation.

PDF Application for consultant accreditation for land development works PDF 66 KB
PDF Application for contractor accreditation for land development works PDF 80 KB



Development status tool

Registered developers and engineering consultants can check the progress of their applications, and review the status of any outstanding works.

Internal link Developer checklist tool  
Internal link Consultant checklist tool  



Property search tool

Plumbers: search for and print property plans

Surveyors: search for and print property plans, check the status of subdivision works

Engineering consultants: search for and print property plans, check the status of connections

Builders: search for and print property plans

Internal link  Property search tool



New customer contributions

A new customer contribution is a charge paid by developers to Barwon Water toward the cost of connecting new water, sewerage and/or recycled water services to a property or sub-division.

In 2013, the Essential Services Commission mades changes to the new customer contribution framework to better reflect the actual cost of new connections and factor in projected revenue.

PDF New customer contributions framework PDF 3.5 MB




There are WSAA and Barwon Water standards associated with our Land Development Manual.

PDF Survey manual for land development PDF 212 KB
PDF Supplement to the WSAA Sewerage Code of Australia PDF 1 MB
PDF Supplement to the WSAA Water Supply code of Australia PDF 1.6 MB
PDF Supplement to the WSAA Dual Water Supply Systems PDF 590 KB
PDF Supplement to the WSAA Sewage Pumping Station Code of Australia PDF 459 KB
PDF Requirements for water supply pump stations PDF 56 KB
PDF Installation guide for precast concrete access chambers (manholes) PDF 267 KB