Class A recycled water:
information for plumbers

This page provides information for plumbers connecting Class A recycled water to residential properties in new "purple pipe" developments.

It is a requirement of both Barwon Water and the Plumbing Industry Commission that plumbers complete their work in accordance with Barwon Water's conditions of connections.

Image shows a purple recycled water meter with lock-box, and an adjacent drinking water meter.

Barwon Water is responsible for both recycled water and drinking water meters in Class A residential developments.



Barwon Water is responsible for the installation of both the drinking water and recycled water meter and meter assemblies.

The recycled water meter will remain locked until after the final plumbing inspection is completed.

Only a representaive of the Plumbing Industry Commission or Barwon Water may remove the meter's lock box.


Plumbers must book 3 inspections with the Plumbing Industry Commission:

  1. Meter-to-dwelling
  2. Rough-in
  3. Final



Plumbers connecting Class A recycled water must ensure that the following conditions are met.

No cross connections of drinking water and recycled water.

Recycled water is only to be connected to toilets and garden taps (front and rear).

Purple pipes must be used for recycled water (black pipes with purple stripes do not comply).

Below ground, minimum horizontal spacing between recycled and drinking water pipes is 300 mm.

Above ground, minimum spacing between recycled and drinking water pipes is 100 mm.

Within the dwelling, any crossing over of recycled water and drinking water pipes must be kept to a minimum.

All buried recycled water pipes must be identified by tape running along the top of the pipe, attached every 3 metres. The tape must include the warning: "reclaimed or recycled water: do not drink"

External recycled water taps must be purple, have a removable handle, a (non-standard) ⅝ inch inlet thread and a standard warning sign.

External drinking water taps must be fitted with a hose connection vacuum breaker.



Commercial properties

At a minimum, commercial properties must comply with the same conditions as domestic connections. However, Barwon Water is responsible for the plumbing inspections (not the Plumbing Industry Commission).

Barwon Water may impose extra conditions depending on the intended use of the property. Any extra conditions will be determined during the application process.