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Saving water (business)

We offer a range of services to help businesses of all sizes to cut their water use.


We offer a range of tailored solutuions for businesses of all sizes.  

WaterSecure Business

The WaterSecure Business program is available to all our non-residential customers.

It encompasses a suite of resources tailor-made for different business needs.

Our water conservation team can help your business to develop, implement and monitor a water management plan, and reduce your water use.

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Rebates for water-wise products

The Victorian Government Living Victoria Water Rebate Program applies small businesses with 50 employees or less.

Eligible businesses can claim up to 50% of the cost of eligible water-wise products, up to a maximum rebate of $2000.

A wide range of products attact rebates, including rainwater tanks, washing machines, dishwashers, dual-flush toilets, urinals, greywater systems, wok stoves, spray nozzles, data loggers, flow control valves and more.  

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The waterMAP (Water Management Action Plan) program is a Victorian Government initiative for major water users.

We can help your business to develop, submit and comply with your waterMAP.

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Pre-rinse spray guns

We have a limited number of pre-rinse spray guns for commercial kitchens, at heavily discounted prices.

Pre-rinse spray guns can save thousands of litres (and hundreds of dollars) every year.

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