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Water for a liveable region:
Integrated water cycle management

Our region includes some of the fastest growing urban areas in Australia.

Geelong is a vibrant and colourful centre for business, tourism and investment, and the gateway to the beautiful Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula, making our region a very desirable place to live.

The foundation of our quality lifestyle is world standard services. Barwon Water has been delivering high quality water supply and sewerage services to our customers for more than 100 years.

Diversifying our water supply will ensure the sustainable future of our liveable region.



Integrated water cycle management

Rapid population growth and uncertainty of future water supply will continue to offer challenges in our efforts to maintain world standard services across our region.

Integrated water cycle management means working hand-in-hand with urban designers, energy agencies, developers, health services, transport providers and other sectors.

It means diversifying our water supply solutions, and is our priority as we face the future.


Surface water

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Recycled water

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Saving water

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