Saving water

To help secure future water supplies, our community must work together to conserve water.

Barwon Water offers a range of tailored water saving solutions to help our customers save water wherever possible.

Mark Gee, a Barwon Water plumbing contractor, installs a low-flow showerhead as part of the subsidised WaterSecure Home program.

Saving water will always be a core component of our integrated water management program.

By using less water, we are able to better distribute what is already a scarce resource for future generations.



A community of water savers

Our customers have demonstrated incredible water saving discipline over the course of our staged water restrictions.

Together, we have saved 45,300 million litres of drinking water since the introduction of stage 4 restrictions in December 2006.

In 1980, our serviced population was 140,000. Today it is more than 280,000. Thanks to a community of water savers, annual water consumption in Geelong is actually less today than it was more than 20 years ago!



Water conservation programs

Barwon Water's team of water conservation specialists offer a range of programs and initiatives for residential and commercial customers.


WaterSecure Home

A subsidised in-home water audit and retrofit. A licensed plumber checks for and repairs minor leaks and installs water-saving showerheads and tap flow regulators.

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Showerhead exchange

A water-efficient showerhead can cut your shower flow by more than 50 per cent, from an average of 20 litres a minute to just 9 litres a minute.

We'll exchange your old shower head for a new, 3-star water efficient one, for free.

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Rebates for water-wise products

You can claim a rebate off your water bill if you buy water-wise products.

Eligible products include showerheads, dual-flush toilets, rainwater tanks, trigger nozzles, tap timers, garden mulch and more.

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Plant selector

A new web-based tool to help you select waterwise plants for your garden.

The plant selector was developed in partnership with the Gordon and local nurseries.

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Savewater!® Product library

Through our partnership with the Savewater!®  Alliance, we offer a comprehensive web-based library featuring information and specifications for water efficient appliances from tapware to toilets, water tanks to whitegoods, and shower timers to synthetic grass.

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WaterSecure Business

A suite of programs and solutions, tailored to business customers of all sizes.

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We work with large businesses to develop water management action plans (waterMAPs) to save water, energy and money.

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