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Stormwater could be used to supplement future water supplies.

Barwon Water is working in partnership with local governments to identify potential benefits and costs of stormwater capture, treatment and reuse in our region.

Stormwater is a largely untapped resource that requires working in partnership across the local government and water sectors.

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is rainwater that falls on roads, rooftops and other surfaces. Stormwater does not include rain harvested in our catchments.

Stormwater run-off is typically captured in gutters, downpipes, grates and drains. Stormwater usually travels through underground pipes to creeks or rivers, and then flows out to the sea. However, stormwater run-off can be captured and reused.

The stormwater system is separate from the water and sewerage systems. Unlike sewage, stormwater does not currently undergo any treatment process.



Stormwater management

Throughout our region, stormwater management is the responsibility of local councils, not Barwon Water.

However, as part of an integrated approach to water cycle management, we are now working together with local government and industry, forging partnerships to explore opportunities and solutions for stormwater capture, treatment and reuse.



The future of stormwater

There is strong support from our community and government for stormwater harvesting, and for more collaboration between Barwon Water, council and industry.

Barwon Water coordinates an independent expert advisory panel comprising national and international experts in recycling and stormwater harvesting.

We are investigating the possibilities of stormwater harvesting in new water sensitive urban developments at Armstrong Creek, Torquay North and Fyansford.

Our top priority is to ensure that harvested stormwater is properly treated and 100% safe for reuse.