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Water Plan 2013–2018

The Water Plan (2013–2018) is our 5-year business plan, and outlines:

  • the prices our customers will pay
  • our capital and operational spending
  • the service standards we provide to our customers, and
  • how we will meet our obligations.

Water Plan 2013–2018

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The 2013 Water Plan has been developed by Barwon Water with input from our customers and stakeholders.

The final 2013 was submitted to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) for final approval on 28 September 2012. The ESC released its final determination on 18 June 2013. The ESC is the independent economic regulator of the water industry.


What the Water Plan means for you

Barwon Water has committed to a 7.6% price decrease (excluding CPI) over the 5-year life of the plan. This equates to an average reduction of 1.6% per year, before inflation.

The plan outlines the total revenue of $872 million required to fund operations and capital expenditure, and a forecast spend of $341 million over five years — less than half that of the previous water plan.

We are committed to customer affordability and minimising costs for our customers.




Your say on what you pay

Barwon Water needs to set its new prices from 2018 for the next five years.

We would like to hear from our community on what you value most about water and sewerage services and what you expect in the future.

Consultation will be open from late October 2016 through to mid-January 2017.

Head to yoursay.barwonwater.vic.gov.au to find out how you can get involved.