Recycled water for Armstrong Creek

We are investing around $150 million in water, sewage and recycled water infrastructure to the new residential developments south of Geelong.

Armstrong Creek from the air. Corio Bay can be seen to the left, Bass Strait to the right.

Armstrong Creek residents will have access to recycled water on tap.

At 2,500 hectares, Armstrong Creek, between Grovedale and Mt Duneed, is currently the largest growth area in Victoria.

The “super-suburb” is expected to provide for 22,000 homes.

We are working with the City of Greater Geelong and developers to provide water, sewage and recycled water infrastructure.


Recycled water

All Armstrong Creek residents will benefit from a dedicated “purple pipe” delivering Class A recycled water for flushing their toilets, washing their cars and watering their gardens.

Recycled water will also be used for irrigating public spaces and sporting grounds.

The use of recycled water at Armstrong Creek is expected to save more 2,400 million litres of drinking water a year. It will also reduce the amount of water discharged to Bass Strait from the Black Rock Water Reclamation Plant.

Recycled water will be supplied by a new facility – the Black Rock Recycled Water Plant – adjacent to the existing Black Rock infrastructure in Connewarre.

Recycled water will be operational from 1 July 2014. Until then, regular drinking water will be supplied via the purple pipe system.


Use of recycled water

Residents at Armstrong Creek will be able to use recycled water for

  • toilet flushing
  • washing cars on grassed areas
  • watering gardens, including vegetable gardens
  • filling water features.

Recycled water will also be available for

  • irrigating sporting fields
  • irrigating municipal areas
  • watering plants in retail nurseries
  • dust suppression
  • fire fighting.

Recycled water should not be used for

  • drinking
  • cooking or food preparation
  • bathing or showering
  • swimming
  • children's water toys
  • hosing driveways and paths.

At this stage, the use of recycled water for washing laundry is still under investigation.


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