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Birregurra sewerage scheme

Upgrades to Birregurra's sewerage network will service homes, farms and businesses and replace on-site wastewater systems.

Birregurra is one of 15 Victorian towns chosen to be a showcase for innovative sewerage services under the Victorian Government's Country Towns Water Supply and Sewerage Program.

The upgrades will see a gravity sewer network collect sewage from properties in Birregurra. Pumping stations will be located at the low points in the township to pump sewage to our water reclamation plant.

Recycled water from the water reclamation plant will be able to be used for irrigating farms, sporting facilities and public spaces.

The new scheme will replace on-site treatment systems; predominantly septic tanks.

The $6.3 million project, including $600,000 Victorian Government funding, is expected to be completed in early to mid 2012. 

This project is being delivered by the Barwon Water Alliance.



Birregurra residents can expect significant benefits by moving from a septic tank to a reticulated sewerage system, including:

  • less odours from septic tanks
  • cleaner surface water and groundwater
  • no more septic tank maintenance
  • greater flexibility when extending or renovating
  • capacity for future regional growth
  • recycled water for public spaces and sporting grounds.


More information

The Birregurra Sewerage Scheme is close to completion and property owners are now being advised how to connect to the scheme.

We have updated our community information bulletin issued in November last year with the latest information.

Please note that we are waiving our standard sewerage connection charge of $153.37 for property owners who connect within the first two years. The previous bulletin incorrectly advised that this connection charge was usually $540.

Some property owners will also not be required to pay the $800 contribution charge to connect to the scheme. These are people who have now had sewerage pipes installed inside their property boundaries and who agree to easements being placed over these pipes by Barwon Water. Detailed information is being provided to these owners on the options available to them. 

PDF  Birregurra sewerage scheme community information bulletin March 2012