Black Rock Recycled Water Plant

A new recycled water facility will provide high quality recycled water for residential, industrial, agricultural  and community uses.

The Black Rock Recycled Water Plant is located in the Black Rock environmental precinct in Connewarre. The precinct is also home to the existing water reclamation facility, biosolids drying plant and recycled water demonstration farm.

Image of the Black Rock Water Recyling Plant under construction. Pipework, pumps and storage tanks are all visible.

The Black Rock Recycled Water Plant will supply high quality recycled water.

The new plant will supply high quality Class A and consistent quality Class C recycled water for a range of customers and uses.

Residents in Armstrong Creek will be the first in our region to benefit from a dedicated "purple pipe" delivering Class A water for watering gardens and lawns, flushing toilets, washing cars and irrigating public spaces; they are expected to save more than 2,400 litres of drinking water annually.

The facility will also reduce drinking water demand by up to 350 million litres a year at new residential estates in Torquay north, and will also reduce the volume of treated water discharged to Bass Strait. 



The construction cost of the project is valued at $42 million.

The Australian Government committed $10 million to the project through the National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns, plus a further $10.5 million for "purple pipe" infrastructure through the National Urban Water and Desalination Plan.


How it works

The Black Rock Recycled Water Plant takes secondary effluent (treated wastewater) from the adjacent water recamation plant and passes it through an advanced treatment process.

Ultra-filtration uses very fine membranes to remove microscopic organisms such as bacteria, protozoa and viruses down to 0.1 μm (0.1 micron = 0.0001 mm) in size.

Reverse osmosis is membrane filtration technology that removes dissolved salts.

Ultraviolet disinfection removes most forms of micro-biological contamination.

Chlorination is a final disinfection process that eliminates any remaining micro-organisms. The process is the same as that used for treating drinking water.



News and updates

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