Melbourne to Geelong Pipeline

A 59-kilometre underground pipeline linking Geelong to Melbourne's water supply is part of our long-term plan to secure the region's water supply into the future.

Construction of the Melbourne to Geelong Pipeline. Image shows a dew-covered fence in the early morning and earthmoving equipment.

Construction on the pipeline is now complete. Testing and reinstatement works continue.

The pipeline has the capacity to deliver up to 16,000 million litres of water a year — equivalent to roughly half of the region's current usage.

The underground pipeline connects Geelong's storage basins at Lovely Banks with Melbourne's water supply network at Cowies Hill, west of Werribee.

The final section of the pipeline was laid in early 2012, with the project officially completed in early 2013.

The Melbourne to Geelong Pipeline is not currently providing drinking water to Geelong. It is an important back-up supply that may need to be called upon in times of drought.

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