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Water pressure management

We are rolling out a pressure and leakage management program in greater Geelong over the next several years.

This program will target high water pressures which can cause pipes to leak and water mains to burst. It can damage household plumbing and lead to higher water usage (and therefore higher water bills).

The pressure management program, when complete, will eliminate excess pressure and reduce the incidence of burst mains. It will also reduce the chance of water loss and supply interruptions.


How we will manage water pressure

Water is distributed to customers across a number of supply zones. Storage reservoirs, basins or tanks are located at high points in each zone. Water flows, under gravity, to homes and businesses.

The pressure at your property depends on how far it is from the reservoir and its elevation relative to the reservoir. Properties in low-lying land usually have the highest pressures.

Pressures at some properties can be as high as 800 kilopascals (kPa). We aim to maintain pressure at less than 500 kPa, in line with Australian plumbing standards.

We will be installing demand-sensitive pressure reduction valves in selected water mains. These valves reduce pressure when demand is low but automatically provide extra flow for high demand.


How customers may be affected

All customers in areas affected by the program will be notified by mail prior to works commencing.

If you live (or own a property) in a pressure managed area, we will write to you six months before the pressure change, and again about two weeks before the changes take effect.

Most residents and businesses will not notice any change. Some customers, particularly those with higher pressure to begin with, may notice a slight reduction in pressure from their taps.

We recommend that owners of commercial properties with fire services check whether the pressure reduction will affect their fire suppression systems.


Timeline of works

The program is being rolled out gradually from 2012. It is due for completion in 2018.

  • 2012 Belmont and parts of Highton (complete)
  • 2015 Parts of Newcomb, Whittington, Breakwater and St Albans Park (complete)
  • 2016 Parts of South Geelong, North Geelong and Rippleside (complete)
  • 2017 Parts of Corio and North Shore