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Moving house?

This page contains specific information for customers who are moving into or out of a property.

This information is for owners (landlords), tenants (renters) conyancers and estate agents.


Renting: information for tenants

If you rent a home with its own water meter, you are usually responsible for paying the water usage charges (the owner normally pays the fixed water and sewerage service charges).

When you move in or out of a rental property, please notify us at least two days prior to your move.

We will arrange to take a reading of the water meter on the day you move. This ensures you are only billed for water used while you occupy a property. We read meters on weekdays only.


Tenancy changes

Let us know if you are moving in/out of a property by completing the interactive PDF SmartForm, below.

Please complete this form if you are:

  • a tenant moving in or out of a residential property, or
  • an owner or estate agent registering or vacating a residential tenant.

SmartForm: Tenancy notification


Residential life tenancies

Life tenancies are special arrangements where a tenant pays all water charges.

Life tenancies must be greater than 5 years, and must be agreed to by both owner and tenant.

If you have a residential life tenancy you can now register online using the interactive PDF SmartForm, below.

This form may be completed by either the owner or tenant.

  SmartForm: Authorisation for residential tenant/occupier to pay all charges



Buying or selling: information for property owners

When buying or selling a property, please arrange for your conveyancer or solicitor to notify us of the change in ownership. 

In many instances, your representative will ask for a special meter reading be taken at the time of settlement and an information statement that outlines any charges or property liabilities.  This will allow proper calculation of your usage and allow for payment or refund, which typically happens as part of the settlement process.

Please note, we require at least three working day's notice to arrange a special meter reading.


Notes for solicitors and conveyancers

Please submit a notice of acquisition (for the purchaser) or disposition (for the vendor).

Notices must:

  • be in writing
  • include an updated postal address for correspondence with the customer.

You can request an information statement, special meter reading or drainage plan using our Property Enquiry Application.

Property Enquiry Application